Help make life easier for parents

The Healthy Food Options campaign works to improve our food environment by making it easier to choose nutritious food.

The campaign:

  1. Gets healthy checkout aisles in stores so parents don't have to run the junk food gauntlet with their children, afraid of pestering, and of tantrums.
  2. Stops junk food marketing to children. Almost all advertising on TV, the internet, in arenas, is for non-nutritious food that encourages unhealthy eating.
  3. Improves children's menus in restaurants. Studies show kids' menus offer few nutritious choices, and we encourage restaurants to offer better alternatives.
  4. Gets junk food vending machines out of places we don't need them - libraries, arenas, swimming pools, community centers - getting them away from children's eyes.
  5. Reduces less-nutritious food in schools by encouraging healthier fundraisers, less sugar in the classroom, and fewer fast food lunch days.

Do the pressures to eat less nutritious food bother you? Volunteer to work for Healthy Food Options and help bring change to your neighborhood. Email Kapil at

And can you support Healthy Food Options financially? Because that helps get the job done. And 100% of your donation goes to the work.