Join the call for junk-food-free checkouts

Healthier checkout aisles have arrived, checkouts without the tempting junk food that leaves your child in a tantrum puddle on the floor. But Walmart, North America's largest grocery chain, is still not on board.

Parents love checkout aisles without junk food! They make parents' lives easier. And keep them from making impulse buys.

Join with us. Ask Walmart to take the pressure off parents, and help us all eat healthier, by removing junk food from checkouts.

Sign the petition here (no account needed, and we follow all the rules on email address usage):

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Dear Doug McMillon (CEO Walmart), and Lee Tappenden (CEO Walmart Canada),

Please stop selling candy, soda, and other unhealthy snacks in checkout lanes to exploit customers' impulses to buy. As North America's largest grocery retailer, we need your leadership. And parents in particular need a break, not more sugar at children's eye-level.

Please think about our health, not just profits, and tell us how you are willing to help end the North American crisis in unhealthy eating.